• St. Junipero Serra statue defaced, pulled down on California’s Indigenous People’s Day

    A group of activists near San Francisco on Monday defaced a statue of St. Junipero Serra on private property with red spray paint before tearing it from its foundation. Serra, an 18th-century Franciscan priest and missionary, is viewed by some activists as a symbol of colonialism and of the... Read more
  • America at prayer in the public square

    Many in America spent Saturday and Sunday at prayer in the public square. It started in August with one Eucharistic Procession, with 3,000 people following the Blessed Sacrament through the riot-scarred streets of Madison to the Wisconsin Capitol Building. By the second... Read more
  • After ‘demonic’ desecration, Louisiana church reconsecrated as details about priest emerge

    Archbishop Gregory Aymond on Saturday consecrated a new altar at the Louisiana parish where a priest reportedly filmed a pornographic video atop the parish altar with two women last month. Details have emerged about the priest, who is expected to face criminal and canonical charges after the... Read more
  • UPDATE: Archbishop Aymond: Priest’s desecration of altar ‘demonic’

    The Archbishop of New Orleans said Friday that a priest’s filming of a pornographic videotape atop a church’s altar was demonic, and that the priest will never again serve in Catholic ministry. Fr. Travis Clark’s “obscene behavior was deplorable,” Aymond said in a statement... Read more
  • Children who faced abortion baptized in Spain

    Fourteen children whose mothers considered abortion were baptized last month in Madrid by the city’s archbishop, Cardinal Carlos Osoro. The newly baptized are children of women in vulnerable situations who considered abortion during their pregnancies. They were aided by the Más Futuro... Read more
  • New Orleans priest defiles altar with pornographic filmmaking, arrested for obscenity

     A priest in the Archdiocese of New Orleans has been arrested along with two women and charged with obscenity after he was discovered filming a pornographic video on a parish church altar. Fr. Travis Clark, 37, the pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul in Pearl River, Louisiana, was arrested... Read more
  • Slain Catholic Priest Awarded Italy’s Highest Honor for Civil Valor

    The president of Italy conferred the highest honor for civil valor Wednesday upon Fr. Roberto Malgesini, a priest who was stabbed to death near Lake Como last month. Fr. Malgesini was a 51-year-old priest known for his care for the homeless and migrants in the northern Italian Diocese of... Read more
  • Urgent Nationwide Rosary for America on Oct. 7

    In our times that are more and more resembling the 1571 “Battle of Lepanto” being played out in various areas of society, and in numerous ways, several people and places are turning to the way that the Christian fleet at that time received the victory. In case we’ve forgotten, it was... Read more
  • Pope’s New Encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’ Outlines Vision for a Better World

    Pope Francis has called for a “better kind of politics,” a more “open world,” and paths of renewed encounter and dialogue in his latest social encyclical, a letter that he hopes will promote a “rebirth of a universal aspiration” toward “fraternity and social... Read more
  • Despite Differing Perspectives, US-Vatican Secretaries of State Discuss a Way Forward With China

    U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Vatican counterparts discussed their “respective positions” on relations with China in a “respectful, relaxed and cordial atmosphere,” the Vatican said today. In a short statement responding to reporters’ questions, Vatican... Read more